Split Large PST File into Small PST Files

PST plays important role of storage of personal information, contacts, mails, notes and calendar entries etc. If you are using MS Outlook for a long time and also save your information in it, the PST file size increase more than 2 GB dramatically and you may face several problems, Due to large PST file Size, Outlook is responding very slowly, PST file splitter provides a quick and easy solution to splitting of large sized PST file into smaller PST files. Split unlimited Microsoft Outlook PST files into smaller PST files with Split. This software split PST file into several smaller individual PST files, which are independently usable with Outlook.

Split PST Software need in the following situations:

* Outlook 2002 and earlier versions and PST file size grow up to 2 GB. Then it becomes very necessary splitting of PST file.
* Due to large size of PST file, Microsoft Outlook is responding very slow
* You are not able to manage large PST file effectively

Procedure to split the PST file:

Step 1: Open the PST file Splitter software.

Step 2: Select Split Personal storage (PST) File Option.

Step 3: Click Select PST File button.

Step 4: Navigate to the file, select it and click Open. Change Destination Path as per your requirement by clicking on Change Destination Path button.

Step 5: Click Split PST File.

Step 6: To split the file using by E-mail id, just check the Mail Ids of the users, whose mails have to be recovered and click on Ok.

PST File Splitter software creates new small sized PST files and allows and solve out he large PST file problem, these PST files separately in Outlook as they are independent from each other. Download Free demo version or Get Full licensed version of PST File Splitting tool to split all the emails from each folder of PST file.splitting pst file Software is the complete best solutions for all your problems related with PST files.

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