How to Solve when Outlook PST Stops Receiving Emails?

Split Pst File - Outlook 2002 and prior versions have a default file size limitation for .pst files of 2 GB. But its later versions come with a unique UNICODE format for PST that sets its size limit to default value of 20 GB. The files are less prone to corruption as a result. But you can still face several issues when using its earlier Outlook versions. However, the best practice would be to upgrade your Outlook. If the PST has grown large, you can mange it by deleting the unwanted emails or by archiving the file. But these are not advanced ways to reduce the .pst file size. Alternatively, you can perform PST Split by using safe third-party software.

Consider a scenario when you try to send or receive an email item in Outlook. At this point, Outlook might simply refuse to perform the specific email operation without any notification or error. This behavior is typically encountered when you use standard edition of Outlook 2002.


Outlook PST files that reach 2 GB file size value are quite prone to corruption. Thus, to prevent the issue from occurring, Outlook 2002 limits this size to approximately 1.82 GB, i.e. less than 2 GB with a new feature. The above error occurs when PST reaches this size value and becomes full.

In standard edition, only email delivery stops and no warning message is generated. However, you can install Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 1 or later. After this, you will be notified against why the email delivery has stopped.


You can try these suggestions to solve the given problem:

1-You can delete the extra and unwanted email items from all Outlook folders. You should also empty the 'Deleted Items' folder

2-Compacting the .pst file can also help you to remove the wasted space

3-You can create a new .pst file and move the email items to reduce the overall size of original PST

4-There are several PST File Splitter applications that can help you in this course. Such tools provide you interactive design plus safe PST Split mechanism that can split the PST file into several smaller .pst files.

PST File Splitter is an advanced utility that can split a large .pst file on the basis of sender's email ID or date. It is a comprehensive PST File Splitter that ensures complete safety of your data. The tool is fully-competent to split the file into various small .pst files, each usable with Outlook. It is compatible with Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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