Can't Start Outlook with Oversized PST

Microsoft Outlook 2002 and versions earlier to it limit the Outlook PST file size to 2 GB. If the file size reaches this value or exceeds it, you may fail to load or open it. At times, you cannot add more data to such file. The problem is described as PST 2 GB problem. To bring some differences in such situations, Microsoft provides pst2gb tool. But it truncates the file rather reducing its original size. Microsoft also provides different service packs that enable Outlook to stop accepting any data after the file reaches to 2 GB. Though this prevents the file from being oversized, but you can hardly perform any mail related operations, such as to create calendars, save appointments, send or receive emails etc. Unless you remove large amount of data from or reduce its overall size, the problem continues. Once suggested trick to accomplish this is to Split PST File using third-party tools.

For example, consider a situation when you try to start Microsoft Outlook 2002 or an earlier version. The application may fail to start with no notice or some errors, such as it cannot open the default mail folders.


The above symtoms can occur if you are using an oversized .pst file as your default mail delivery location.

Such problems are not encountered in Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 since these versions support Unicode format. Therefore, the default file size limitation of .pst file is 20 GB, which is much larger than its earlier limit.


You can these methods to overcome the described file oversize issue:

1-You can upgrade your ANSI formatted file to new Unicode format in Outlook 2003 or higher version.
2-If this fails, you can use pst2gb tool. But this is not a preferred method as you lose some data permanently while file truncation.
3-You can Split PST to obtain several smaller .pst files. In this operation, each file contains a part of original PST, but is less than 2 GB in size value. Split PST File software can safely divide a large .pst file, where each file is directly usable with Outlook.

PST File Splitter is a well-known product for splitting large sized PST file with safest results. The Split PST software can divide the file on the basis of sender's email ID and date. The interface of software is quite interactive with Outlook resembling 3-view structure. It supports Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000.

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